Aki Chef Special Rolls

S1.Eel Dragon Roll Spicy
Grilled eel, cucumber, avocado on the top w. eel sauce
S2.Alaska King Crab Roll
Spicy Alaska king crab w. cucumber, avocado w. soy bean seaweed
S3.Eel Naruto Roll
Grilled eel, crabmeat, avocado wrapped improper - thin cucumber
S4.Spring Jamie Roll
3 pcs shrimp, 2 pcs crabmeat, avocado inside - out roll, fried in tempura batter served w. special sauce
S5.Jumbo Olli Roll
Spicy tuna, grilled eel, avocado, cucumber
S6.M - 16 Roll
Smoked salmon, grilled eel, avocado, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese and tempura crunch
S7.Orange Dragon Roll
Salmon tempura and avocado inside, fresh salmon outside
S8.Tiger Special Roll Spicy
Spicy tuna, mango, avocado, tempura crunch inside w. color caviar
S9.Blue Pacific Roll Spicy
Japan scallop, tempura crunch, avocado, cucumber, inside outside w. color caviar
S10.Michelle Special Roll Spicy
Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber inside, spicy tuna and tempura crunch outside
S11.Volcano Roll Spicy
Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, spicy tuna outside
S12.Firehouse Roll Spicy
Crab tempura avocado inside, spicy yellowtail outside
S13.Precious Roll
Spicy tuna, cucumber, tempura crunch inside, eel avocado outside
S14.Rainbow Roll
Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber inside, tuna, salmon yellowtail, white tuna, avocado outside
S15.Aki Naruto Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crabmeat, avocado, wrapped in paper thin cucumber
S16.Port Monmouth Roll
Sweet potato tempura inside, lobster salad outside
S17.Beauty Roll Spicy
Spicy yellowtail, mango, tempura crunch inside, tuna and salmon outside
S18.Angel Special Roll
Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado outside
S19.Crazy Tuna Roll Spicy
Black pepper tuna, avocado inside spicy tuna, tempura crunch on top
S20.Mango Tuna Special Roll Spicy
Spicy tuna, mango, tempura crunch inside fresh tuna, mango outside
S21.Eel Special Roll
Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, eel avocado outside
S22.Dancing Dragon Roll
Crab tempura, cucumber inside, eel, shrimp, avocado outside
S23.Belmar Beach Roll
Lobster salad, avocado, crabmeat tempura, cucumber, asparagus
S24.San Francisco Roll Spicy
Inside - out roll w. spicy tuna, eel, tempura, crunch, cucumber, avocado, fish egg
S25.Snow Maki Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, fish egg, avocado, cucumber in special white seaweed
S26.Spicy Girl Roll Spicy
Avocado, mango, crabmeat inside - out roll fried in tempura batter topped with spicy tuna and spicy salmon
S27.Sahara Special Roll Spicy
Eel tempura, avocado inside, spicy salmon, tempura crunch outside
S28.Samurai Roll Spicy
Fresh tuna, shrimp tempura inside, avocado and spicy crabmeat outside
S29.Fantastic Special Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail inside, topped with Alaska king crab, special soybean seaweed
S30.True Love Roll
Eel tempura, fresh tuna, Alaska king crab, avocado, mango, special soybean seaweed
S31.Honolulu Roll
Tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, lobster salad, avocado, mango, special soybean seaweed
S32.Monkey Roll
Shrimp tempura and cucumber, avocado on top with chef special sauce
S33.Pacific Roll Spicy
Shrimp tempura, avocado inside spicy crab on the top
S34.Wasabi Roll
Tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber topped w. black wasabi tobiko
S35.Unbelievable Roll Spicy
Eel avocado inside topped w. spicy tuna, tempura flakes tobiko, scallion
S36.Tropical Roll
Eel avocado inside topped w. fresh mango and red wasabi tobiko chef special sauce
S37.Santa Claus Roll Spicy
Spicy crab w. tempura flakes topped w. red and white tuna outside
S38.Godzilla Roll Spicy
Shrimp tempura, asparagus, cucumber topped w. crunchy spicy salmon outside
S39.Tokyo Roll
White fish, crab meat, salmon, asparagus breaded and deep fried w. chef’s special sauce
S40.Magic Roll Spicy
Spicy tuna salmon and crab w. ginger wrapped in avocado with chef special sauce no rice no seaweed
S41.World Series Roll
Soft shell crab tempura w. tuna, eel, avocado on top
S42.Creature Roll Spicy
Spicy tuna fresh mango, tempura flakes inside eel, avocado on top wrapped in soy bean seaweed
S43.American Dream Roll Spicy
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, mango inside, white tuna, avocado top in soy bean seaweed
S43a.Phoenix Roll Spicy $11.95